2022 Stakeholders Letter

Dear Stakeholders, Colleagues, Customers, and Partners:

Over the past year at Toniceli, it’s been an honour working with you all through the opportunities and challenges witnessed this year. It has been a very challenging year globally, but one we’ve been able to pull through with determination, tenacity, and focus. We celebrate our wins while focusing on crossing the challenges ahead of us.

Our mission to empower businesses to grow has never been more critical, given the economic and socio-political climate we find ourselves in at present.

We’ve managed to operate on a very lean budget. But notwithstanding, Toniceli has been able to establish technical partnerships with Microsoft, Intel, Salesforce, IBM, and Lenovo. This has given us further opportunities to serve our esteemed clients better. We also launched our internship program this year, and there has been a lot of progress in the pilot phase.

Unfortunately, due to economic challenges, we painfully had to part ways with some of our extraordinary talents. Also, we had to stall some of our product developments due to this.

This has however not deterred our mission. At present we find ourselves operating in a deficit budget which we are gradually resolving. We’re working very hard round the clock to make sure we settle our loans and also finding ways to help our clients indebted to us in settling their accounts with us.

As for our unfulfilled projects in the year, we are in active communication with our clients in completing their projects as fast as possible.

It could best be described as a crisis period, but we are committed to resolving every such issue before the end of the year.

The coming year promises to be exciting as we’re implementing solid strategies to serve you better and also the best of managerial and compliance practices.

We keep on winning with you in the battle of digital transformation and are optimistic that next year would be extraordinarily amazing.

 Complements of the season to you all!


Oluwayomi Olabanjo

CEO, Toniceli